You are an independent
real estate broker.

That’s fantastic!

The captain of your own ship. We’re proud of you for taking such a bold step. But now that you’ve become more successful, you’ve probably realized the buck stops with you.

Things like sticky contract issues, technology changes, continuing education, cutting-edge marketing tactics, making sure your digital processes are simple and work well, providing resources for your clients, and ensuring your business is profitable…all of that falls on your shoulders now.

Our Services

Flotilla gives independent real estate brokers the tools they need to run and grow their businesses. Each independent broker is unique, and our job is to keep your sails trim and your keel even. You may not need everything we offer, or you might!


The evolution of your real estate office has a story of its own. We understand this is your legacy. We know you want to protect what you’ve built and, if you’re like many Indies, you may not have the time or resources to dig in and streamline your day-to-day operations. Your internal playbook for your agents and staff may need a brush-up, along with how your numbers are pacing in today’s ever-changing marketplace. We’re here for step 1, step 10, and beyond. We know you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. A more powerful question may be what are you not seeing? What first steps will be the most impactful for your business today? We’ll take a deep dive with you on where to direct your attention in strategic planning.


As an Independent Real Estate Broker, you’re supposed to be made of money and have all the answers, right? It often seems this way with everyone pulling at your purse strings with shiny objects and asking for better splits. These days it seems like a race to the bottom. It takes a lot to run a yacht like yours, but is it all necessary? Running lean may seem like a dream and sometimes it really does take money to make money. What percentages in expense categories should you be moving toward? Are you receiving a sizeable return on your endeavor? Perhaps you’re in need of a 3rd party audit, reporting system, or better technology to keep the important gauges, front and center. We can empower you to know exactly what to say no to and where to say, I’ll have some more, please.


We’ve all been there. It’s confusing to know what is legal and what isn’t. We’re supposed to have all of the answers and the answers are constantly changing with regulatory + rule changes. Is it an ethics question and MLS violation or an FHA guideline? Perhaps RESPA concerns with an agent’s preferred lender has you low-key concerned. We’re a safe place to ask your questions or bounce ideas off of to ensure you’re compliant and being progressive in our ever-changing climate. Contractual grey areas with clients and agents are continual. Market stressors of low inventory, dual agency, coming soon, escalation clauses can be exasperating. We’re your resource for quick answers and well-thought-out plans for all of your legal nuances.

Stronger Together

Your competition isn’t the co-op agent or the broker down the street. Your real competition is being funded by venture capitalists and international companies that are being publicly traded. Our best hope is in joining together in safe harbor to do what we do best: take care of people. Your agents, your clients, your community and your brokerage linked to our Flotilla. We’re stronger together.


We all have a plan. We all know how to execute. It’s staying on track in stormy seasons and changing climates that can be grueling. When you need to course-correct it can be lonely at the top. You need someone to hold up the mirror. Someone to stand with you as you make the tough calls. A coach who is unbiased about your crew and is committed to your vision, dreams, and plans. A coach who won’t let you get in the way of you when the rowing gets tough. When everyone is crowding you for attention, you deserve a coach who will redirect you back to your plan with actionable items to move you forward to your destination. It’s loud out there. We’re on your side, calling a timeout to review your playbook so you can hit your personal and professional goals. We have multiple plans designed to fit your time and budget.


“Iron sharpens iron” and “You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.” We’ve grown up with these mantras and as we grow older, the herd tends to thin. You know growth happens in healthy environments; you’ve created that for your agents. And yet, everything rises and falls on leadership. Who are your hero leaders? Do you get to spend significant time masterminding with them? Your people will grow and our goal is to ensure you’re growing, too. Leadership lids don’t seal well in real estate offices. We don’t want our crew or our agents to outgrow us. The opportunity for fresh ideas in a safe community will have you brimming with exciting energy. That’s magnetic. Your growth is contagious and that’s how you can move your brokerage from surviving to thriving.


It’s tough to get a real estate education these days. Not only do you need to know all facets of the industry itself, but you also need to understand and use new technology, have strong business acumen, know the best human resource practices, how to negotiate for your business and your clients, how to host recruiting appointments that garner positive results, how to consult your agents on their business growth plus all of the required CE. How do you learn all you need to and ensure your brokerage is offering top-notch education for every production level? How do you know what you don’t know? Our content is built by strategy elicitation from real people who are currently excelling in the real estate industry. Real estate schools that teach real estate theory aren’t helping us any longer. They’ve never owned a real estate business. They’re in the business of getting clicks to their website. Join our education platform. We’re building it for you and your agents and providing relevant content for your success in today’s marketplace.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Jennifer taught me how to break down my business and better understand my strengths and weakness. This enabled me to identify and challenge some focus areas that needed attention.”

—TJ Courtney

“Jennifer has a great personality and created open class discussions. There is absolutely nothing I would change! I will definitely take any courses she may offer. Our communication and discussion were very open, and Jennifer’s personality spoke volumes.”

—Nancy L.